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Battle Showfield

The guerrilla war has begun and this free action game is here to prove it
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18 October 2008

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Imagine you are the commander of the last standing organized militia in the world and you need to put forward a stiff resistance to the evil alien forces for the survival of life on earth as we know it today. Imagine all your allies and combat buddies have been killed in this raging war and you have limited resources left at your disposal - but nevertheless, you must fight these monstrous alien forces in order to secure the future of humanity. Well, that is in short the main plot which the game Battle Showfield 2.0 is based on. Due to its dynamic graphics and a fast paced gameplay, this game has climbed up really fast on the scale of popularity.

Battle Showfield 2.0 is a free action title in offering from The graphics quality is more or less the same as the legendary action title Super Contra. The soundtrack also complements the graphics in the most comprehensive way. In this game, you are supposed to go behind the enemy line in order to neutralize the notorious Red Falcon. Apparently, his group poses the most severe threat to the planet. You have to engage and eliminate them one by one, while ensuring minimum casualty on your side. The control and setting options are standard, thus causing you no worries whatsoever. However, be advised that you will be requiring a pretty sound game plan to go ahead with the mission. Also your reflexes must be quick enough to keep your back safe from any incoming assault from the alien side.

Overall, Battle Showfield 2.0 is an excellent action game that will certainly not disappoint you with its decent graphics, awesome soundtrack and above all, a thrilling and fast paced gameplay. It gets a score of four rating points on the scale of five for its overall attractiveness.

Publisher's description

The guerrilla war has begun and this free action game is here to prove it. You are the commander of the last organised militia on the Earth. But all your combat friends were killed long time ago. You are the last professional killer on the planet that fights on the side of good guys. Your mission is to infiltrate behind enemy lines and take down the notorious Red Falcon. His group of alien invaders are the biggest threat to the Earth since the begin of time. You have to destroy those aliens, kill them one by one using your weapons and your whizz. Action just begun, donĀ“t let it continue without you being involved. Play it now!
Battle Showfield
Battle Showfield
Version 2.0
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